Seminars - Conferences



May, 24 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

M. Vercauteren (UHasselt)

Innovation and Productivity of Dutch Firms: A Panel Data Analysis

May, 10 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

A. Gomez Tello (Universidad Autonoma Barcelona)

Comparative advantage and the gains from economic integration: An empirical study of the European agricultural sector

February, 22 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

S. Porcher (IAE, Panthéon Sorbonne)


February, 8 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

B. Lypszic (European Commission)

Long-term care: need, use and expenditure in the EU-27

January, 23 [12h00 - Sem. 11]

A. Gouveia (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

The political economy of pension system and the free labour mobility


December, 7 [11h00 - Weber]

H. Latzer (UCL)

Income distribution and vertical comparative advantage. Theory and evidence

November, 30 [13h30 - Sem. 12]

J. Beuve (University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)


November, 23 [13h30 - Sem. 3]

C. Argenton (Tilburg University)

Joint Predation

November, 16 [13h30 - Sem. 12]

J-P Tropeano (University of Paris 1)


October, 17 [13h30 - Sem. 10]

D. Saal (Ashton University)

Estimating Economies of Scale and Scope with Flexible Technology

June, 7-8 [HEC-ULg]

Conference: The performance of the welfare state



March, 29 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

T. Davidoff (University of British Columbia)

Strategy, beliefs, and the value of a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

March, 16 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

M. Lefevre (HEC-ULg)

Farmers' market access: entry and expansion strategy of an intermediary under uncertainty

March, 9 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

J. Jacqmin (FUSL)

The (forthcoming?) emergence of for-profit higher education institutions

March, 2 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

C. Buts (VUB)


February, 17 [9h00 - Salle du conseil]

Journée d'étude sur la dépendance


February, 10 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

R. Nicolini (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Location Choices by Dominant Firms: The Gorilla Sleeps Anywhere the
Gorilla Wants to Sleep


December, 16 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

N. Neyrinck (ULg)

La position dominante collective et le marché de l'électricité en Europe

December, 9 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

M. Isore (Sciences PO. Paris)

Bankers' moral hazard, bank default, and confidence disruptions in a search model

December, 2 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

C. Camacho (UCL)

CO2 sequestration in agricultural soils

November, 25 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

H. Brea (Universidad Autonoma Barcelona)

Business Model Evaluation: Quantifying Walmart’s Source of Advantage

November, 4 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

P. Sekeris (FUNDP)

Beyond Divide-and-Rule: Weak Dictators, Natural Resources, and Civil Conflict

October, 28 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

V. Vanderbergh (UCL)

Are firms willing to employ more older men and women?

October, 21 [13h30 - Sem. 11]

F. Mayneris (UCL)

Entry on Export Markets, Heterogeneous Credit Constraints and Firm-Level Performance Growth

May, 27 [13h30 - Sem. 7]

A. Le Lannier(ULB)

Doit-on pointer du doigt les mauvais élèves? L’efficacité de la concurrence par comparaison dans le secteur de l’eau en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles

May, 27 [10h45 - Sem. 7]

A. Estache (ULB)


May, 20 [13h30 - Sem. 12]

D. Hamermesh (U. of Texas at Austin)

Beauty is the promsie of happiness

May, 6 [13h30 - Sem. 6]

P. Mossay (U. of Reading)

On Preferential Trade Agreements and Imperfect Competition

April, 29 [13h30 - Sem. 6]

L. Artige (HEC-ULg)

A Growth Model Of Global Imbalances

March, 31 [13h30 - Salle du conseil]

M. Lefevre (HEC-ULg)

Interlinked transactions and transport costs in developing countries

January, 19 [13h30 - I.48]

W. van der Wielen (KUL)

The impact of fiscal rules on public finances: theory and empirical evidence for the Euro Area

January, 13 [13h30 ]

C. Canta (CORE)

Price regulation of a private hospital engaging in dumping when a public hospital is last resort


December, 15 [13h30 - TBA]

F. Bloch (Polytechnique)


December, 2 [13h30 - Comte]

H. Latzer (IRES - UCL and BETA)

A Schumpeterian model of growth and inequality

November, 25 [13h30 - TBA]

G. Valletta (University of Maastricht)

Health, Fairness and taxation

April, 30 [13h30 - Trifac 4]

M. Lefebvre (CREPP)

Reining in Excessive Risk Taking by Executives: Empirical Evidence

April, 23 [13h30 - Trifac 4]

E. Strobl (Ecole Polytechnique)

The Distributional Effect of Dams on Cropland Productivity: Evidence from Africa

April, 20 [13h30 - Trifac 4]

J-C. Poudou (Université de Montpellier)


March, 26 [13h30 - Trifac 4]

B. Zou (Université de Luxembourg)

Transboundary Pollution and Abattement

March, 12 [12h30 - Trifac 4]

J.M. Cordero Ferrera (Universidad de Extremadura)

Technical Efficiency in Primary Health Care

March, 12 [12h30 - Trifac 4]

E. Crespo Cebada (Universidad de Extremadura)

Measuring Educational Efficiency and its Deeterminants in Spain



December, 2 [13h30 - Séminaire 3]

L. Colen (KUL)

Globalization and Poverty in Senegal: A worst case Scenario

November, 25 [13h30 - A. Comte]

E. Toulemonde (FUNDP)

The Principle of Mutual Recognition - A Source of Divergence?

October, 28 [13h30 - A. Comte]

C. Braila (Bureau du Plan)

Competition and Regulation in Belgium for the Period 1997-2004.

May, 29 [13h30 - A. Comte]

N. Boccard (University of Girona)

Economic properties of wind power: an European Assessment.

May, 15 [13h30 - A. Comte]

D. Dubois (HEC-ULg)

Analyse empirique de la convergence des PIB dans l'Union Européenne.

May, 8 [13h30 - A. Comte]

R. Desmet (Bureau du Plan)

So pensions in Europe will remain sustainable. But will they remain adequate?

April,24 [13h30 - A. Comte]

G. Aldashev (FUNDP)

Crowding Out and Effectiveness of Government Grants to Charities.

March, 27 [13h30 - A. Comte]

F. Bourguignon (PSE)

Réduction de la pauvreté dans le monde.

February, 13 [13h30 - A. Comte]

L. Tsyganok (ULB)

Economic Analysis of International Mobile Telecommunication Services: the EU Roaming Markets Case.

February, 6 [13h30 - A. Comte]

S. Zanaj (University of Luxembourg)

On tax competition, public good differentiation and jurisdictions size.



December, 12 [13h30 - Séminaire 10]

A. Ben-Ner (University of Minnesota)


December, 4 [13h30 - Séminaire 10]

E. Bonsang (University of Liège)

Retirement and subjective well-being

November, 13 [13h30 - Séminaire 10]

T. Azomahou (Universiteit Maastricht)

A closer look at the relationship between life expectancy and economic growth

October, 23 [13h30 - Séminaire 10]

C. Dujardin (UCL-CORE)

Residential Segregation and Unemployment: The Case of Brussels

June, 10 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

G. Aldashev (University of Namur)

Custom in the Shadow of the formal Law: an economic analysis

May, 29 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

S. Mongrain (Simon Fraser University)

Rehabilited or Not? To Release is the Question

May, 8 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

M-C. Villeval (CNRS-Gate, University of Lyonl)

Tax Evasion: Cheating Rationally of Deciding Emotionally?

April, 24 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

M. Hiligsmann (ULgl)

Evaluation économqiue de la campagne de dépistage de l'ostéoporose menée en province de Liège

April, 17 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

X. Wauthy (FUSL)

Entry under Capacity Limitation and Vertical Differentiation: Return of the Judo Economics

April, 10 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

P. Barla (University of Laval)

Automobile Fuel Efficiency Policy with International Knowledge Spillover

February, 28 [13h30 - Séminaire 12]

S. Lopez (Universidad Autonoma Barcelona)

Population Dynamics: an Overview of Different Models


December, 11 [11h - Salle du conseil]

P.A.Jouvet (Université Paris X Nanterre)

Why environmental regulation may lead to no-regret pollution abatement









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