Over the last decade, the research of CREPP members has focused on four general themes:

  • Social security and retirement : Study of the determinants of retirement decision in Belgium and abroad.
  • Performance measurement : Performance measures rely on the efficiency frontier approach. Our work deals with public and private companies, but also with national welfare states.
  • Social policy and individual well-being : CREPP's work has recently dealt with the welfare of the elderly on the basis of the European panel dataset SHARE. It also addresses the issue of inequality and social exclusion.
  • Optimal tax theory : On the theoretical side, we have studied capital income and estate taxation, social security in a bounded rationality setting, political economy of social insurance and the issue of equal opportunity.

Recently, with the arrival of new members, the research agenda has started going beyond the strict limits of public and population economics (CREPP stands for Center of Public Economics and Population Economics) and also includes international trade and development.






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